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Garage Door Installation & Repair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Emergency Door Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offers quality garage door installation and repair. Count on our experience and expertise to provide installation that lasts.

Garage Door, Garage Door Installation & Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

Exceptional Customer Service with Quality Installation

Whatever your need, Emergency Door Services can design and have it installed quickly. The greatest door creation in the world doesn't mean a thing without a quality installation. That's where our double-impact customer service steps in.

We Perform Installation and Repairs, which Include:

• General Maintenance
• Broken Cables
• Broken Springs
• Broken Wheels & Rollers
• Garage Door & Opener Repairs
• New Garage Doors & Openers

• Repairing Doors That Are off Track
• Replace Door Sections
• Residential Garage Door Specialists
• Any Garage Doors
• Insulated & Non-Insulated Doors
• Hurricane Rated Doors


Our Services:

• Check & Lubricate All Pivot Points
• Check & Lubricate All Hinges
• Check, Adjust, & Lubricate Springs
• Check & Tighten All Fasteners
• Check Door Operation & Balance
• Check Door Condition & Operation
• Check Opener Features & Functions
• Check Condition & Age of Springs
• Check All Supporting Hardware
• Check Condition of All Rollers
• Check Condition of Lifting Cables
• Check Condition of Bottom Lifting Fixtures

• Check Reversing Feature
• Check Secondary Safety Features
• Check All Nuts & Bolts
• Check Condition of Lifting Drums If Applicable

Contact us in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when you want high-quality installation services with your garage doors and openers.